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The Manufacture Local Movement™

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Hire John Gardner

– Get the Manufacture Local® endorsement

– The #1 Voice for Made in America

– People want to know they are buying from a true Made in USA source

– Let John tell the story behind your American made company and products

Join Coalition for a Prosperous America

– America’s Manufacturing Voice in Washington DC

– $23 a month gives you a voice in the Capital

You can complain and vent on social media or you can take real action.  CPA helps craft legislation by informing our politicians how to keep America strong.  Politicians do not know what needs to happen to help your small business.  CPA teaches them.  CPA is your direct line of communication to DC.

United We Win

Fund the Manufacture Local® Documentary

– Why do Detroit, Baltimore or Pittsburgh, yesterday’s mecca’s of industry, now struggle with poverty?

– Help us tell the story of how the Manufacturing Industry built the greatest middle-class in history.

– “In 1940, 87% of American blacks lived below the federally defined level of poverty.

By 1960, that number had fallen to 47%, the greatest 20 year period of economic expansion for Blacks in american history.” – Larry Elder

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