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Climate Change Hypocrisy

Elites lecture the public about Climate Change while circumventing U.S. Enviromental Laws to Access Sweatshop Labor

– Asia is 7000 miles away

– Cargo ships burn heavy crude oil

– 20 cargo ships create as much pollutants as all of the cars in the world combined more

– Care about Climate Change and Pollution? MANUFACTURE LOCAL®  (DUH)

Climate Change Hypocrisy, Hat

Climate Change Hypocrisy Hat


Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore was the largest steel mill in the world providing 30,000 middle-class jobs.

It closed in 2012.

Now large steel plates are made in Asia and shipped 7000 miles while politicians whine about jobs, climate change and my SUV’s mileage.



From 2013-2015, in anticipation of the Obama Administration’s Trans-Pacific Trade Pact, container ship fleet expansion increased dramatically.

In 2016, when the U.S. announced its withdrawal from the TPP and imposed tariffs, container ship creation and traffic decreased dramatically.  As did Pollution.

Care about Pollution?

Suffer from Climate change “anxiety”?



and demand from your politicians and the elite that they



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