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Our Story

My story begins in Ohio. It was the late 80’s and once home to a booming manufacturing industry. Our community was like so many that experienced the devastation of industrial flight. I saw factories shutter and witnessed the fear in church as parents discussed taking second jobs and commuting further for less pay. Our family would frequently drive to visit relatives in Pittsburgh, and I watched the landscape of a once vibrant manufacturing industry turn into the rusting hulks of abandoned factories that are now referred to as the Rust Belt.

In 2005, I opened a small tooling business and I have watched over the last 15 years as America’s manufacturing prowess has been given away to other countries in an effort to evade strong American labor and anti-pollution laws. “Off-shoring” maximizes short-term profits at the expense of our core industrial capability, middle class, and tax revenue.

My hope is that MFGgear inspires our country to bring back a sense of pride for manufacturing in the USA and to create awareness for an industry that once flourished and made America strong.

The Privilege line was born as a response to the growing divisiveness and separation in our country. It serves as a reminder that we all are privileged to be Americans and encourages us to focus on the positive things that connect us as Americans such as work ethic, service and opportunity.

When we strive to embody these characteristics, regardless of our race, color or socio-economic background, we honor our heritage and the future we collectively share due to the sacrifices of those who came before us.

Our mission is to breathe new life into our country’s manufacturing sector, to celebrate our individualism and come together to make America strong.

The Story behind the MFGgear Logo

To me the logo means family, country and craftsmanship.  For me, I love depth in symbolism. The idea for the logo came about as I was visiting family in Pittsburgh, once the epicenter of the manufacturing industry. My uncle and I were talking about my passion for the manufacturing sector and how to visually symbolize an industry in hopes of reviving interest in it through a life-style brand.

The Iconography of MFGgear™

Our ‘M’ is for the manufacturing sector.
In Industrial Symbolism, the smoke stack combined with the M actually creates the icon for the Manufacturing Sector.

CALIPERS – Metrology is the science of measuring.  Verifying dimensions is essential in any machine shop and calipers are to a machinist as a hammer is to a construction worker.

GEARS – Are considered one of the oldest equipments used by mankind.  We use gears everyday and without them modern civilization would not exist.

MICROMETER – A more precise measuring tool and one of the three tools vital for metrology.

STRAIGHT EDGE – Used in Machining Industry to check the flatness of machined mating surfaces.

Trademark & Copyright Notice

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