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Jan 21, 2021

Condemn Stealth-Slavery

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by John Gardner  

On Dec. 22, 2020 I sent a submission to the Oxford English Dictionary for a “A new word or sense”. That word is STEALTH-SLAVER and/or STEALTH-SLAVERY. Definition:

Any individual, collective, corporation or country who surreptitiously benefits
from the work of slave labor while
simultaneously espousing public concern for social justice issues. See hypocrite

I am baffled as to why it is so difficult to ethically source product, especially for 83 of worlds largest and most profitable corporations such as Nike, Apple, Coca-Cola, Sony, BMW, Volkswagen, and Gap. source 1 source 2 source 3 source 4

These are the very companies and CEO’s that pay celebrities to lecture the American public on oppression. It’s hard to stomach Nike representatives LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick possibly profiting off of Uyghur Slave Labor picking cotton for Nike apparel while they are “simultaneously espousing public concern for social justice issues.” source

Or Apple CEO Tim Cook saying “Apple Must Do More” in regards to racism [source] but lobbying against legislation “Aimed at Stopping Forced Labor in China”. source

Apple was quick to de-platform Parler after the Capitol riot but will not disassociate from Communist China. International banks have blocked transactions for President Donald Trump and Parler based on mere association but will not sanction and block financial transactions between Communist China and corporations like Apple and Nike that do business with the CCP in spite of the overwhelming evidence of Slave Labor and Human Rights Violations. source

How do these people hold the moral high ground in our society? Where is Cancel Culture on this? 
The creation of the new word Stealth-Slaver, or Stealth-Slavery, came about similarly to how the newer word “greenwashing” came to be; which was the direct result of a new form of hypocrisy orbiting the environmental movement.

“GREENWASHING” – is considered an unsubstantiated claim to deceive consumers into believing that a company’s products are environmentally friendly source

The behavior of corporations and celebrities regarding slavery is a nauseating hypocrisy that needed a new definition or specific term so journalists can begin to address it beyond the elegant “Forced Labor”, “Bonded Labor”, and “Modern Slavery” terminology the media is currently applying to the oldest practice of every society in the history of civilization. Plain old-fashioned, evil, slavery.

To call slavery “forced labor” criminally eases the collective mind to dismiss the reality of the atrocities taking place. Why does the media do this? To soften the thought? “Modern Slavery” is even a term [source] which combines a positively connotative word “modern”, with slavery. I would write LOL but somehow nothing about slavery is laughable to me.

Let there be no doubt that the world is seeing the pure, evil face of slavery rise to be accepted as long as it’s categorized inoffensively with wordplay by the media.

Here is the truth of what is happening in Communist China: “- many of the hallmarks of the Holocaust are there. Not only the slave labor but evidence of the campaign of forced sterilization, scenes of people with their heads shaved [and] being loaded onto trains, and of course, the extensive concentration camps in the Xinjiang region where it’s said that at least a million, perhaps as many as 3 million, are incarcerated or severely tortured, subjected to sexual violence, and other abuses.” source

How can you take action to end Stealth-Slavery and #cancelculture corporations and individuals enabling this evil?

1) Use hashtags #stealthslaver #stealthslavery #manufacturelocal when writing about those engaging in this practice

2) Re-submit the MFGgear™ Stealth-Slavery Definition to the Oxford English Dictionary so they can not ignore the new term:

3) Join the Coalition for a Prosperous America as they are advocating in Washington DC for clear labeling of goods from China on online platforms such as Amazon etc

4) Your dollar is the Master of the Corporation. Show discipline. Stop seeing movies with Hollywood Social Justice Weenies that will not call out #stealthslavery because the film is funded with money from Communist China. Stop buying Nike and Gap. Ask Tim Cook to take a stand with meaningful action to re-shore Manufacturing to the USA where labor laws prevent #stealthslavery….Think, and create a world free of #stealthslavery with your dollar.
5) Many politicians benefit from #stealthslavery…you’ll know them because they will not divest from Communist China or speak or act against the #CCP but will howl about the injustices in America creating a distraction from their own financial gains while enabling #stealthslavery. A vote for these politicians is a vote for slavery.

Communist China is a superpower, funded on the backs of slave labor, behaving like a trans-national criminal organization, source operating as a “Labor Pimp” to the worlds most profitable corporations, and glorified by social justice celebrities….

We call on all citizens and governments of the world to cancel any and all ties with Communist China. CONDEMN STEALTH-SLAVERY.

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