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The Courage to Revisit the Holocaust

Nov 17, 2021

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by John Gardner  
I watched the Holocaust documentary FINDING MANNY last night and encourage all who stand for Good over Evil to share this experience. Of the many poignant moments, seeing pictures of happy families together before they were ripped apart and exterminated, created the roar of “Never Again” in my head.

Accompanying Manny and his family from the ghettos of Poland, to the concentration camps of Germany, and hearing when Manny talks about finding out his father died on a death-train railcar next to his own, is a journey that should be curriculum in freedom-loving countries.

In spite of the horror he experienced from a specific group of people, when asked if he hated Germans, Manny said: “From my point of view you deal with each person as they are, there is no common denominator.

His dogma of optimism inspires us all, and his bravery in re-living one of the most horrific events in history to inspire future generations is manifested by his daughter Cindy Drukier as she marches with the Falun Gong to stand against genocide and forced organ harvesting in Communist China.

A quote from Cindy Drukier- “I never realized to what extent the nazi war machine was fueled by slave labor.”

The Free World must stop the Chinese Communist Party and save the people of China as the evils Manny witnessed in the Holocaust are once again rising and good people must say “Never Again.

Manny Drukier’s resolve to physically visit each location on his Holocaust journey, even bombed out basements his family hid in, was a display of tremendous courage. I believe he commented, perhaps at Buchenwald, and I paraphrase: “I wouldn’t wish coming back here on anyone”.

Thank you to the Drukier’s for sharing their family story. And please watch: FINDING MANNY

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