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Wake-Up America

Oct 22, 2020

Wake-Up America

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by Brian Imbler  

Turn the clock back to 1990 when the Communist regimes in Europe collapsed and there was an apparent end to the decades long totalitarian big government, anti-God experiment. To those living at that time, did you ever imagine that a political party in the freedom loving US would embrace such a failed and radical transformative ideology and catapult it to the front of their party?

The biggest question on the minds of those who live by our constitution, embrace our free market system, and love our country, is how any rationally thinking human being could possibly even entertain in their minds, let alone believe, that it is better to be controlled by a massive authoritarian government that takes away our constitutional rights in exchange for promises that can NEVER be delivered. I’m talking about promises such as free healthcare, free education, and a utopian government that will take care of all your needs despite overwhelming historical facts that tell us otherwise. One only has to look at realtime results in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York (liberal cities where people are leaving in droves) to understand just how bad these policies will impact America.

I am convinced that the vast majority of those who would vote to transform America into a Godless Marxist nation are actually in most cases good people that we work with and around every day. Unfortunately, they are sadly deceived with a delusion that is born from an ignorance of the truth. This is then further fertilized with years of secular indoctrination in our government controlled educational system and left wing media that spews a constant barrage of illegitimate liberal spin that they sell as the “news”. This has created three generations of left wing minions that push logic and fact aside, while blindly following their radical liberal leadership.

Regarding this radical liberal leadership, these are the diabolical ringleaders whose lust for power and wealth drives them to disregard truth while sacrificing our nation for their own personal gain. They are self-serving and operate out of a platform of hate for anyone that disagrees or gets in their way, often doing so under the false veil of improving social justice. They make grand promises to help minorities, fulfilling virtually nothing and actually making things worse for them as well as the rest of America – Marxism is a very deceptive sham. They blame conservative opposition for doing the very unethical and illegal things that they themselves do, both as a distraction to their own misdeeds and to further control their delusional followers. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, Harris, Coons, Soros, George Clooney, Clooney’s chubby look-alike Jim Acosta, Talib, AOC, and all the other all-out-crazies in congress, entertainment, and fake news media are some of the most notables leading the procession of the deceived.

Liberal cities like San Francisco are littered with anarchy, crime, and an increasing homeless population birthed from socialist policies. The left has given us abortion on demand and, as Mark Levin pointed out in recent commentary, conveniently not applied science to the basic question of “what is life?” while applying parsed science (which devolves into science fiction) to man-made climate change. We now have dozens of different genders according to the left – it is incredible that they define “truth” not by fact, but by what fits their ideology. The media has lost all credibility as they shamefully lie, cover-up, and mislead the public to fit their liberal narrative and prop up the diabolical liberal leadership. Of course, any stance the left takes must disagree with what God has defined as good and evil in the Bible in order to not violate the left’s misinterpretation of the First Amendment and a separation of church and state language that does not even exist in our constitution.

Regardless of what you think of his dominant personality, Trump is fighting for our constitution, liberties, freedoms, opportunities, and dependence on God. Meanwhile, the corrupt Joe Biden has sold out America to China, Iran, Kazakstan, and Russia and will do it again and again if we let him.

Wake up Republicans! The Marxist Democrat movement within our country is now far more dangerous than our enemies abroad. Get loud, get active, and vote these anti-Americans out of office.

Wake up moderates! There was a day when Democrats and Republicans were not that far apart. Those days are gone and a vote for any 2020 Democrat serves as your pledge against God and country.

Wake up America! 2020 Democrats have vowed to “fundamentally transform America” to that of Cuba, Venezuela, or Communist China. Their god is big government and their leadership will stop at nothing to use, abuse, then discard even those that follow them in order to line their own pockets and increase their power. They believe that people exist in order to serve their big government. They loathe a government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.

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